Invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Erno Rubik, the Rubik’s cube has challenged and frustrated countless numbers of players who have ever picked up the 3-D toy puzzle.3-x-3-rubik



It first started in 2014 at school, when we were practicing a dance with a bunch of grade 6 students. One of the grade 6 students had a Rubik’s cube, and I confusingly and randomly trying to solve the cube, failed. That’s when it hit me, my brain was then inspired in cubing, so I got a cube as soon as possible, and when I bought my first – ever cube, and I desperately learned and memorized how to solve the cube. But after about 6 months of cubing, inside the core of the cube, one of the screws got loose and soon got broken, after, and me on the other hand desperately tried to fix it for a week but realized that I couldn’t, that’s when my cube was gone and my cubing skills were forgotten. That’s when the miracle happened one year after that moment, on December, my classmate, Mike, was bringing 2 cubes, that’s when my best friend, Manolo, got interested and asked Mike to teach him how to solve the Rubik’s cube. Fast forward two days, I also got interested on the cube and I asked if he could also teach me how to solve the Rubik’s cube. That’s when my cubing skills got back, again, and I also desperately listened and memorized the best that I can from Mike. We continued practicing along with Ethan on our speedcubing group, and we practiced and practiced until such time that we became faster and better! My record before was about 1 – 2 minutes but now it’s about 37 seconds! Then, I started researching in Social Media and discovered speedcubing, and so I introduced it to our group and we practiced again, I still continued researching and I also discovered multi – cubing, it is solving different types of cubes, until such time of 16422280_10208504977768571_7023388511384092731_oresearching, my interest of the cube got from 20% to 80%. So I bought a 2 by 2 and a 4 by 4 Revenge cube – of course I already had a 3 by 3 Rubik’s cube at that time. Even though I’m writing only this part of my journey to speedcubing, there is more to discover and learn throughout this journey that I am destined towards to. Even though I can’t afford that much cubes, I am still proud of my skills.

Special thanks to my cubing helper, Raffy Rosal, and to my supportive parents, Effem and Noelli Amancio, and my loving brothers!

Cubing Youtubers you should check out:

  • JR Cuber
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  • Best performance and best speedcube: Moyu Aolong GT. 83.75.

Star Wars Fun Facts

  • Star Wars Ep. V – The asteroid slug was actually played by an arm.
  • Star Wars Ep. VI -When Luke took of Darth Vader’s mask, he was actually gonna put it on his head, and going to say, “Now I am Darth Vader”.
  • Star Wars Ep. III-IV-V-VI-VII- Wookies we’re actually 7 ft. tall.
  • Star Wars Ep. V- When Luke was climbing and running, Master Yoda was actually played by a dummy or a puppet at that time.
  • Star Wars Ep. III- When Mace Windu was electrified by Darth Sidious and was sent flying off outside the Chancellor’s office, it was actually a CGI* that Mace Windu was sent flying off. He was actually caught by foam which was edited.
  • Star Wars Ep. III- When the Chancellor returned to the Jedi Temple, you could actually see Mace Windu in a weird face before the two royal guards stop to stand.
  • Star Wars Ep. V- There was actually a potato-shaped asteroid and a shoe-shaped asteroid.
  • Star Wars Ep. IV-V-VI-VII- George Lucas was inspired by a hamburger bitten once at the side. That’s why he made the Millennium Falcon.

*Computer Generated Image

Amazing Family

Hi, I am Eillon My father and mother is loving,kind,generous and helpful. And my two brothers who are older than is the the same as my father and mother.

IMG_20140503_132650 IMG_20140503_132730 IMG_20140503_194953

When my father goes to some places my mother takes care of me,and when my mother goes to other places my father takes care of me and my brothers.My fathers name is Effem,my mothers is Noelli,and my two brothers are Eiffel and Eissen.